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Tile Leveling System



In that painful moment, there is nothing worse than tripping and stubbing your toe on an uneven sidewalk or a tile floor! To eliminate this hazard from your next tile installation, integrate the tile leveling system offered by Trends In Tile. Using a temporary wedge-and-clip assembly, our system helps guarantee a high-quality installation at a minimal expense.


<> Ensures a beautiful tile installation with NO lippage - The plastic clip and reusable orange wedge work together to create an even transition between each tile. Tiles are only getting larger and more awkward to keep level from side to side so use our leveling system to ease the installation of those large format and plank tiles.

<> Speeds up overall installation thanks to fewer adjustments when setting tile - Instead of picking up and resetting a given tile 2 or 3 times to achieve a nearly-level installation, embed the tile in the mortar once and let the mechanics of the leveling system do the rest.

<> Creates incredibly tight grout joints - When pushed tightly up against the tiles, the clear plastic clip creates an even grout joint that can be as small as 1/16"!

<> Works well on both floors and walls - The same system can be used on horizontal and vertical surfaces.


<> Orange Plastic Wedges - Level out the transition between each tile without causing any damage

-------- Reusable from project to project

<> Clear Plastic Clips - Establish even spaces between tile and secure the leveling wedge

-------- Inexpensive single-use purchase

<> Pliers - Apply pressure to wedge-and-clip assembly for a snug fit against the tile's surface

-------- Floor Pliers and Wall Pliers available


  1. Spread adhesive with a 1/2" x 1/2" square notch trowel or larger.
  2. Set first tile into adhesive.
  3. Position clips tight against all outside edges.
  4. Set adjoining tile.
  5. Compress tile into adhesive until trowel notches are collapsed.
  6. Insert wedges into clips and secure with pliers until proper tension is reached, not so tight that the clip breaks yet not so loose that the clip and wedge are easily wiggled.
  7. After the adhesive sets, break the clip and wedge free by striking the clip with force parallel to the grout joint (shoe, pliers, rubber mallet, etc.).
  8. Sweep the surface and save wedges for the next installation.



Author: Mitch Tully
Mitch Tully