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Cento: Modern Take on Classic Style



As our newest Italian ceramic wall tile, Cento puts a nice spin on classic subway tile. Measuring 5x7 and finished with a soft bevel along its edges, Cento is available in 2 formats, 2 finishes and 10 different colors. The color palette includes a variety of whites, greys and beiges along with a beautiful purple, gold and light green.

Field Tile: Smooth surface with beveled edge

Cacao Mix: Random mixture of nine different 3D designs inspired by chocolate bars, sold in full cartons of 22 pieces, and works well when integrated with the solid field tile

Size: 5x7

Format: Field Tile + Cacao Mix

Finishes: Gloss + Matte

Colors: A, DG, G, H, SF, T*, TO, VA*, W, Y*

* Gloss Only

Mix & Match: Add an elegant splash of creativity to a space by using both gloss and matte tiles on the same wall. For the more adventurous individuals out there, make a statement by mixing the Field Tile and Cacao Mix in a variety of colors and finishes.

Layout: Add interest to the wall by using different patterns such as running bond (like many common brick walls), stacked bond (perfect grid) and herringbone (classic weave).

Trim: For a clean finish, we suggest trimming this tile with a Schluter Jolly or Rondec edge profile.


Trends In Tile is now offering a sample box full of loose Cento pieces perfect for experimenting with different combinations and layouts.

The Cento Box includes a field tile for every color in their available finishes and a fun Cacao Mix piece for every color.

Request your Cento Box now while supplies last!


Author: Mitch Tully
Mitch Tully