Secret Garden

Signature Glass Collection
Birds of Paradise SN1993Birds of Paradise SN1993
Black Orchid SN0380Black Orchid SN0380
Blazing Star SN0297Blazing Star SN0297
Blue Wisteria SN0270Blue Wisteria SN0270
Feminine Jasmine SN0132Feminine Jasmine SN0132
Forget-Me-Not SN0008Forget-Me-Not SN0008
Night Blooming Lily SN0004Night Blooming Lily SN0004
Notes of Ginger SN0005Notes of Ginger SN0005
Orange Blossom SN0002Orange Blossom SN0002
Scent of Gardenia SN0006Scent of Gardenia SN0006
Sun Goddess Rose SN0356Sun Goddess Rose SN0356
White Iris SN2131White Iris SN2131


$ 46.67 Sheet
Sold as individual sheets of 1.00 SF

Tech Info

Composition: Glass - Without a coated backing


Secret Garden InstallationSecret Garden Installation
Secret Garden InstallationSecret Garden Installation
Not My Samples
Orange Blossom SN0002 - Mosaic Cards
Birds of Paradise SN1993 - Mosaic Cards
Sun Goddess Rose SN0356 - Mosaic Cards
Blazing Star SN0297 - Mosaic Cards
Blue Wisteria SN0270 - Mosaic Cards
Feminine Jasmine SN0132 - Mosaic Cards
Forget-Me-Not SN0008 - Mosaic Cards
Scent of Gardenia SN0006 - Mosaic Cards
Notes of Ginger SN0005 - Mosaic Cards
Night Blooming Lily SN0004 - Mosaic Cards
White Iris SN2131 - Mosaic Cards