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Schluter Thinsets


All SetSchluter thinsets are now in stock at Trends In Tile!

I will admit that I still find it humorous when a customer starts using Schluter for the first time and they call me to clarify "Am I really supposed to use non-modified thinset?!?!" Please don't misunderstand, as I don't mean to criticize, I too was nervous about non-modified until I used Schluter's system in my own home (and more than 4 years later everything is exactly where I set it). Schluter knows that many of us feel this way and that's part of why they have launched their own line of thinsets.


For those who demand modified thinset, All Set will give you the bond strength you want, while extending the warranty offered by Schluter.

For those who are happy using non-modified thinset but want to take advantage of the added warranty, Schluter makes a non-modified format called Set.

Both products are stocked in both Grey and White so give them a try on your next Schluter project!


Author: Mitch Tully
Mitch Tully