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Schluter Workshops in St. Louis


Schluter LogoInnovation Workshop: Part 1

Schluter hosts many training opportunities across the country. This is a list of the local events.

Part 1 will introduce you to the world of Schluter®-Systems, and give you a solid overview of the applications where our products are most often used. We'll talk a little bit about the history of our company, dive deeper into the science behind our technologies, explain how our product line has been designed to address specific challenges, and ultimately, guide you as you work with our products in a collaborative, hands-on workshop.

09-29-2021 and 09-30-2021 - River City Casino & Hotel

01-26-2022 and 01-27-2022 - River City Casino & Hotel

Innovation Workshop: Part 2

In Part 2, you are invited to build upon your fundamental knowledge of Schluter®-Systems products, and discover how they can be used in more advanced applications. In this predominantly hands-on, two-day workshop, you get to show us your resourcefulness while exploring the versatility of our products. You will spend most of your time in the workshop, where you will build a bathroom using multiple applications and design elements.

03-30-2022 and 03-31-2022 - River City Casino & Hotel


Author: Mitch Tully
Mitch Tully